label & letterpress photopolymer plate making equipment

Flexo Inline Plate Making


The FIP 4262 FDE IP is the answer for all round High quality incremental processing of analogue Or digital solvent flexographic plates. Designed with Advanced automation in mind, the FIP 4262 FDE can Be supplied with a fully automatic 8 drawer dryer ( either from new or field retrofitted).

Ergonomics and ease of use are built in as standard with An integrated, programmable plate punch ,plate and pin Bar holders ,easy cleaning solvent systems, volumetric Viscosity pump, optional remote access and a pictogram Based operating system displayed on a 24cm (9.5”) full Color touch screen which provides a new standard in Precision setting of processing parameters. Wash out is achieved with separate black mask Removal round brushes section with its own dedicated solvent tank. Main wash if from 10 round brushes and cleaning 1 (top ) , 2 (bottom ) and 1 wiping brush for the best possible results. All the brushes ( except the 2 bottom cleaning brushes) are oscillating and contra-rotating pairs.